We are Belhasa

Belhasa Real Estate is a family owned business that offers Residential Properties, centrally located Offices & Warehouses as well Retail spaces in Residential Buildings in various prime locations across Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi and are expanding each day.

We are fully licensed, insured according to UAE laws & regulation and committed to the business solutions we offer. All payments are deposited into an audited within trusted banks. We manage full rental process and maintenance of various privately owned properties which allows us to provide a wide range of services for different clientele. 

We strive to provide our clients with excellent service and value by offering a wide selection of quality properties that are clean, safe and well maintained.

The beauty of staying in a Belhasa Property is that you have many amenities available to you across our Portfolio as we care and want that you experience the utmost best choice and facilities. All of our properties are fully safe & secured so that you can enjoy peace of mind feeling throughout your stay. Our focus is on the “care & details” so that your rental & service experience will be positive, relaxing and enjoyable.

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Years of Experience
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Part of Belhasa Group since 1997
Management Experiences of over 20 years
Locally founded and established
Proven Methods
Full Building Management of 14 Owned Buildings
Locally founded and established
Allround Services
In-house Legal & PRO services

Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

We are the first impression which reflects the Belhasa Brand. Through our flexibility and professional performance, we are the Belhasa Property Service communication center. We increase the comfort, satisfaction and strive to be the “Property Services Company of Choice” within the Region

Mission Statement

….by being a constant approachable Teamer with multifunctional, fresh, innovative and excellent skills. With our ‘Whatever It Takes’ attitude through our passion and experiences, we will achieve the maximum outcome for everyone. Property Services is our product and reliable results is our focus.

Directors Message

We, Belhasa Real Estate focus since 1983 on Property Services “to create exceptional communities with a high return of investment for the Landlords”.  Our business activities with our core strengths in Property and Building Management services aim to create, contribute, and achieve safe and comfortable living environments for UAE Residents.

“Our business is Property Services, and it is all about people. Our motivation is our pride in our organization and what it has accomplished. Relationships are our foundation, quality and fairness are our goals and caring environment is our core objective.”

Integrated Services with highest client satisfaction form the basis of our philosophy. Everything is built up to high quality standards with professional, efficient, safe and timely services.

To achieve these principles, we are committed to fulfill our corporate responsibilities, including all our business ethics, and aim to be a reliable and trustworthy company.

We believe that only good returns to Landlords, superior quality control and inspections, effective safety methods and continuous development of our management profile and professional skills can bring about the desired results and our goal of customer satisfaction.

Our Story

1983 Sharjah
1989 Dubai
1996 Dubai
1998 Dubai
2005 Dubai
2005 Dubai
2007 Abu Dhabi
2009 Sharjah
2010 Dubai
2010 Dubai
2012 Dubai
2013 Dubai
2014 Abu Dhabi
2014 Dubai
2017 Dubai

Why Belhasa is the perfect partner?

The foundation of our business is people. Our tenants, our owners and our staff. Honest care and concern for each other dictate our work. We recognize that effective teamwork is the only way to assure success.

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We will present a consistent image of friendly professionalism.

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